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Post Halloween and the Scares Continue…

Unfortunately, I have been away from Industry of Mind for a period of time but it has always been in the back of my mind and on the back burners of everything that I do. As I have gone day-to-day, I still keep an eye out for things to capture in photographs and give you all a glimpse into what lies behind the reflections in my eyes and within the depths of my soul. Here is a sampling of things that I came across during the frights of Halloween.


I thought that Halloween of this year was going to be the most fright that I would have to deal with but given the events that occurred post Halloween this year, it seems as though the frights are yet to come. One thing that I can say for sure is that no matter what the upcoming months bring, I will continue to allow you to follow me on my journey to discovering, exploring, and evolving in my photography journey.


I hope you will like what lies ahead and, as always, please comment and let me know your thoughts. I would love feedback and any insight that you may have into my work.

A Rock in the Valley

We climbed a hillside One he had been to many times before It was a place he brought all of the valley’s visitors All his friends His loved ones We climbed with quick excited steps Laughing and joking, how winded we were When I looked up from the grassy incline there was the pavilion Where camp was set up, and… Read more →

Being Here Right Now

In every single moment I have eternal freedom   Hello IOM fam, Share in the comments section how you stay present and live in the nowness of your precious gemstone life; share a word, a phrase, a anything that helps you remember the present moment and keeps you grounded and free. We want to hear from YOU, being here now!… Read more →

The Shoes In My Closet

In my closet I have a pair of shoes I have this pair of shoes because she gave them to me She gave them to me because she was moving far away Far away, to Seattle, but I hardly knew why I hardly knew why, because she spoke in riddles about her past Her past that had this darkness Darkness… Read more →


Oh-America-O, everyone’s writing poems about what’s Wrong I’m going to write a poem about what’s Good just let me do some research…… …………………………………. ……….ok I’m back I’m going to write a poem about what’s Wrong. Read more →

“Strange and Absurd”

Writing on the wall Dead roses old apples and ants Broken mirrors and a tipsy papasan chair With unsanitary beanbag and seeker man Getting what he asked for Finally in the strangest way For it is the unintended outcome of Strange Which is brilliance between patterns and rules Getting ripe since avoided by most Absurd is Strange’s wicked uncle Who… Read more →

“Jerry on Clinton”

Don’t look at me while I die Thinks Jerry on his porch sucking cancer in a painful hunch He stares at my dog but gives no recognition of my forced smile his way Jerry’s old Tacoma with one hubcap and a fifty year fade defeated as he Slumped and crumbling as Portlandia hipster zips by on what is now a… Read more →

Never Trust the Dream Man

Last night I had this dream. This girl I’d fallen in love with was sitting next to me on a airplane bound for Europe. This was the ideal dream for me. We cuddled next to each other in the seats, held each other’s hands, and planned our journey to the various cities we would go see together. In the dream… Read more →