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This Summer’s Big Releases

Hey Everyone, Thanks for your support of the IOM team and their creations.  This summer we will be seeing some amazing works from our creators. Keep your eye out for Doug Stern’s book of poems, Nick DeRosa’s new novel, and Sean Arthur’s book of poems AND his new novel! We’ve all been hard at work and we cannot wait to… Read more →

Observations in the Tea Shop and Orange Sunshine

The couple sitting by the window Has devices that Connect them They are clean Mechanical in movement and tone and dress They are talking about reservations Something about them appears inauthentic Something about him is entitled and brainwashed Something about her is Mean and robotic Tablets and phones and I think they are afraid to make eye contact For fear… Read more →

More Attempts at Writing

I don’t consider myself much of a writer but every so often, I do get that writer’s itch and it makes me want to give it a try. Below is something that I wrote one night as I was attempting to go to sleep. Give it a read over and let me know what you guys think. Comments and criticism… Read more →


Love comes in various forms. Whether it’s the love of a mother for her child, a husband for his wife, or the love between friends, love is visible everywhere we look. It lies in the hearts of those who help better each other, in the smiles of strangers, and the warm embrace of our family. Read more →

I am a Worthless Flower

I am a worthless flower I smoke cigars in the silver time And drink bourbon scotch whiskey In remembrance of death and My best friend’s Opa and Mimi And they are together in death Floating forever in the silver time   And I am a worthless flower Blossoming as the first star peeks out from the sky Mud and snow… Read more →

The Sun Rises for Me Also

Some nights I do all I need to prepare for tomorrow And im beat Lay down to read It aint even 7 yet And I find myself dozing I start to dream about meeting Brett On the Boulevard de Rue And Hemingway is with us Buying a round of Pernods “getting tight” He says grumbly like a sea warrior washed… Read more →

Presidential Legacies and …Beverages?

Let me begin by saying I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Teaching history makes you numb to both. This piece is taking an unbiased historical perspective on the topic of presidential legacies and social progression. Second, if the analogy comes off mildly racist that was not my intention. When teaching kids, you must come up with simple and… Read more →

A Quote Someone Might Care About in a Hundred Years

To write is to talk to yourself Without being insane To sing is play with yourself And to not be obscene To dance is to kiss yourself And not appear conceited To love to love love love Is to give yourself And never die   So write and sing and dance and love And scoop some sweet salvation From the… Read more →