11/8/16 American You’re Letting Me Down: thoughts on election night 2016


Blow the Trumpet, sound the alarm, America you let me down

America you let me down

As I look out the window in my kitchen

The same window I’ve stared out for

27 years

I’m worried

I’m nauseous

I aint doing too well

I’m afraid for the world of tomorrow’s next four years

I’m sick, puking and pacing and calling my friends

For respite

I’ll need to call hospice next for a dear old friend

Named Amerigo

With my parents, old now, 60

With my younger sister, more mature than me


We’re all scared

And we make jokes to cover the horror

The prick with the floppy hair

And the criminal corrupt woman

I choose the latter

She at least understands government, American history, and foreign policy

But America you’re letting me down

This shouldn’t have been this close

Pussy grabbing money monger trust fund one percenters

Have no place in my America

The prick with the haywire floppy hair

And orange artificial maked-up grin

Has no place leading my armies and my congresses

History, sons and daughters and great great great human souls

To spark brilliant and herewith after I am long gone into the smiling gladness

Nirvana peak abyss

You will remain forever cloning the species wheeling reverently forward

And if this creature is elected I fear for what you will have to call precious

I fear the commander and chief

I miss the great union and I miss the captain oh my captain,

I miss the man who could not tell a lie

I miss the rough rider with the soft strut and big stick

I miss the great orator, I miss General Ike and his fireside chats

America you let me down

Cuz now

The leader of the free world and its unending battle cry for dreams and equality

Will be silenced by a AR-47 saw-off

Help me please


You’re letting me down

You’re letting down the people who will read this in a hundred years, a thousand years

In whatever the measure of the inevitable expanse is called, those kindred warriors

For love life liberty and dignity, peace freaks and lovers

They will know you let them down


You voted in the monster

About the same time as the Roman Empire suffered the unstable

Rambling bloodlust Nero

We’re going to invite the prick with the floppy hair

To run our country

Welcome America

To the end and with it

Some kind twisted apocalyptic biblical flood

And from the 4 year long torrent of rain and sleet and hell

Clouds will clear and a blue sky will show

And tomorrow’s children will have another chance

And I hope America

More than letting me down

You don’t let them

The unborn beautiful freedom offspring flowers of USA


Blow the Trumpet, sound the alarm, America you’re Liberty Bell

Has finally cracked in two and

I go to bed sick, not knowing

What tomorrow

America will be…..

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