The Law of Parsimony

Can’t stop

I can’t stop

The road is the demon deity force

Verily said Zarathustra

As he ran from civilization disease

Like the fungus spores that take over the mind of the insects

Civilization is numbing

Zombies alive

Steered by the invisible pop spores, dissipating into the water from the

Chem trails etched in the sky

Gathering at the base of the spine

Killing kundalini energy

With GMO infused steroid grown crops and fruits

The oats are poison the apple is vicious

And the run from the civ begins

To the cave and the hill, the well and the seashore

The mountain pass, the river’s gorge where

The bull sleeps next to the earth mamma

Fertile mud and pungent sun

Dark moon and singing star

Run run run

The road the road the road

The return

To civ

Civic duty and civic efficacy and civilization apathy

My darling and I are parsimonious aliens

Being beings

Acting actors

Playful players

Writing our own script and building our set

So as to penetrate the reality illusion and

Mystify the civ in mirage and surreal reality

Which lies at the foot of a flowerbed and a garden fence

And a brook’s bank and tree’s trunk

Stepping back into town


Said the Zarathustra

Madness abound

And here I’ll teach through the pictures and characters we create

Through the life we emit

The road wonderful

The homestead something realer than the reality, the reality beyond the daytime and nighttime


Go forth

To Parsimony Farms.

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