Author: Nick

Who rolled the dice

James sat at the kitchen table and listened to the sounds of Sasha cracking eggs into a bowl. The sound of each egg cracking brought flashes of memories that seemed to originate from a life long gone; a life so different from the one they were currently living. The happiness that once brightened their lives had disappeared like a flame… Read more →

Cover Work in Progress

This summer, as the dust settles with my first publication “The Lost and the Loyal”, I will be planning my future “BIG” projects.  Below is some concept art for two stories I will be writing.  The story I will be starting this summer is the novel “Prospects of a Wandering Mind” and the corresponding cover is seen on the left.  The story… Read more →

Three of Me and Me

The ceiling fan blows the medals he has hanging off his dresser in his childhood bedroom. It’s the only sound in his entire house. Everyone is off at work. Mark is alone, he took the day off from work, a sick day. He felt sick. Its summer but he is cold, his old college track sweatshirt now two sizes too… Read more →

The Festival

She dripped with sweat, eyes closed, flinging hair Whipped my shoulder, my face She was close Rolling hard, with her friends Gypsy women, all of them, not the free lovers, flower girls These women were different, no motive, milking the system Entitled to the world but living no real life Her moves imitative, of what, I didn’t know She did… Read more →

Official Book Release – The Lost and the Loyal

Four years ago I spent the summer writing a story with no experience in writing fiction and just pure emotion fueling my ambitions. I shelfed this story numerous times over two years until finally, I brought it to The Gettysburg Review where the brilliant minds of John Mauk, Lee K Abbott, and many others gave me inspirational advice, edits, tips,… Read more →

The Sheep of Serapis

They called it the Global Communication Initiative, and we all bought into it. I was recruited right out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was spoon fed this concept of unified thought and information. I would be developing a machine that would change the world for the better. That’s what they told me 30 years ago. Now, I sit… Read more →

The Shell

I am a shell Unique and colorful But only on the outside to those quick glancing eyes I seem tough and hard but really I am fragile I am hollow in the middle Life once filled me but that’s long gone now I’ve been tossed in rough tides, molded and shaped, worn down and chipped Once sharp and rough edges… Read more →