Category: Alan T. Doran’s Journal

This journal represents Nick’s alter ego, the creative writer and adventurer Alan T. Doran. There are no limits as to what Mr. Doran will share with you all

Three Seconds

Three seconds, that’s what they teach. Three seconds to draw your weapon, assess the risk, and react. Now that’s slow, and for everyone who has taken a “Use of Force” course knows that’s slow. But it’s for a reason. The three seconds allows you to think long enough in an immediate threat situation and still pull the trigger without dying.… Read more →

What Keeps the Driver?

What Keeps the Driver? Early morning he loads up, Sacramento, five days Monotonous ride through dust and hills He’s done this trip before, same time every year Day one, clear head not much thinking Day two, hard pressed deadline, things getting in the way Day three, zoned out, caffeine just hurts his eyes and chest now It kicks in, that… Read more →

Cover Work in Progress

This summer, as the dust settles with my first publication “The Lost and the Loyal”, I will be planning my future “BIG” projects.  Below is some concept art for two stories I will be writing.  The story I will be starting this summer is the novel “Prospects of a Wandering Mind” and the corresponding cover is seen on the left.  The story… Read more →