Category: A Gambit’s Predicament

The gambits in our everyday lives may not always end with the desired outcome. Instead, they sometimes lead us down paths that we never considered before and leads us to the true happiness that we never knew we wanted. Take a risk, live life, and see what pathways you end up taking.


Love comes in various forms. Whether it’s the love of a mother for her child, a husband for his wife, or the love between friends, love is visible everywhere we look. It lies in the hearts of those who help better each other, in the smiles of strangers, and the warm embrace of our family. Read more →

Post Halloween and the Scares Continue…

Unfortunately, I have been away from Industry of Mind for a period of time but it has always been in the back of my mind and on the back burners of everything that I do. As I have gone day-to-day, I still keep an eye out for things to capture in photographs and give you all a glimpse into what lies behind the reflections in my eyes and within the depths of my soul. Here is a sampling of things that I came across during the frights of Halloween.


I thought that Halloween of this year was going to be the most fright that I would have to deal with but given the events that occurred post Halloween this year, it seems as though the frights are yet to come. One thing that I can say for sure is that no matter what the upcoming months bring, I will continue to allow you to follow me on my journey to discovering, exploring, and evolving in my photography journey.


I hope you will like what lies ahead and, as always, please comment and let me know your thoughts. I would love feedback and any insight that you may have into my work.

Who rolled the dice

James sat at the kitchen table and listened to the sounds of Sasha cracking eggs into a bowl. The sound of each egg cracking brought flashes of memories that seemed to originate from a life long gone; a life so different from the one they were currently living. The happiness that once brightened their lives had disappeared like a flame… Read more →

A Few Sketches

These are the last of the sketches that have remained in my sketchbook. Aside from these, everything else that I have drawn, I have given away to the people in my life. I like to think they’re reminded of me every time they see the ones they have. These were sketches done in pencil and outlined with Sharpie markers. Nothing too intricate or special about them. I hope they bring some type of joy to your life on this snowy winter day.


A Walk in New York City