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Keep Going

Here is a short video that I was sent by a friend recently. It was unexpected, yet very relevant to my current creative state. I feel that this really applies to anything and anyone, but for me it especially rings true with the state of my music production. I make something, I know its not great, and many times it… Read more →

All Those Who Wander…Reiterated

A friend of mine posted this image and it really reflects how things can work out in life. Most people view success as a straight and narrow path, for instance to become a lawyer, or a doctor. Others truly stand out and create something rather than work to help produce someone else’s creation. Many times this takes longer, as you… Read more →

Producer’s Block

So, everyone’s heard of writer’s block right? Well, I’ve got music producer’s block right now. I’ve been working on this dubstep track, which I got the idea for when a little depressing voice started singing in my head. I want to go for a real hard sound, the kind you hear at a 12th Planet show. I’m having trouble figuring… Read more →


Welcome Everyone, We, Nicholas DeRosa and William Jauregui, would like to invite you to join us on our first creative collaboration. We have decided to dedicate our time and passions towards a new and open forum that will combine both our creative interests. We encourage you to journey with us on this exciting endeavor that we like to call “Industry… Read more →