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This Summer’s Big Releases

Hey Everyone, Thanks for your support of the IOM team and their creations.  This summer we will be seeing some amazing works from our creators. Keep your eye out for Doug Stern’s book of poems, Nick DeRosa’s new novel, and Sean Arthur’s book of poems AND his new novel! We’ve all been hard at work and we cannot wait to… Read more →

Being Here Right Now

In every single moment I have eternal freedom   Hello IOM fam, Share in the comments section how you stay present and live in the nowness of your precious gemstone life; share a word, a phrase, a anything that helps you remember the present moment and keeps you grounded and free. We want to hear from YOU, being here now!… Read more →

Sing the Body Electric- We’re all 1

Walt Whitman…cool video and amazing poem, given recent news happenings about dividing and categorizing people, to remind us WE ARE THE SAME electrical bodies existing and magnetizing together, spread love and brotherhood and sisterhood no matter what color coded category society says your’e in- “I Sing the Body Electric”…..join and wander Read more →

Official Book Release – The Lost and the Loyal

Four years ago I spent the summer writing a story with no experience in writing fiction and just pure emotion fueling my ambitions. I shelfed this story numerous times over two years until finally, I brought it to The Gettysburg Review where the brilliant minds of John Mauk, Lee K Abbott, and many others gave me inspirational advice, edits, tips,… Read more →

Update from the Creators

As you know, creating takes its time as well as its toll. After speaking with the creators, we’ve all been heavy at work with some great projects as well as with our careers. Prem has graduated school and is pursuing his job search while taking photos on the side. Will has been working diligently freelancing for MSNBC and working on… Read more →

The Family Grows

Today the Industry of Mind family adds two of its closest friends Premraj Deoraj and Sean Arthur.  The two of them bring a great amount of ambition and creativity to the team.  Let us all welcome them and wish them luck in their future endeavors and continue to support them by reading, viewing, listening, and commenting on their work. Read more →

The Return to the Roots

Finally I have been given ample time to return to the craft of writing fiction.  However, having been detached from it for so long I will be beginning from square one.  I am reading John Gardner’s the Art of Fiction again and outlining it in full.  This is the Bible for all fiction writers.  All of my technical writing will… Read more →

Filling the Well

The combination of school, the media, stress, and some great times with friends and love ones are quickly filling up my well of flash fiction ideas.  I’ve had very little time to read and practice my writing but I still try to get something in once a week.  You must practice the craft daily.  I hope with some new found… Read more →