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Updates on Projects

Now that I’ve returned to school with the ambitions of becoming a teacher, the writing and reading for pleasure has slowed down.  Of course it hasn’t stopped entirely because I would lose my mind if I stopped.  That being said I have the three shorts I’ve been toiling with just to keep my writing practices in check.  I’ve recently began laying… Read more →

Thoughts About Gettysburg

What a privilege it was to attend the Gettysburg Review Writers Conference The campus itself was perfect for creative thinking and so naturally did many new ideas for future projects pop into my head while I was there. The workshop itself taught me much more then just how to write fiction.  My workshop leader Lee K Abbott and the numerous teachers and authors that were in… Read more →

Soundtrack to Inspiration

Whenever I’m looking to drum up some inspiring thoughts in my head, I listen to Zach Hemsey.  He’s done musical scores for movies such as Inception, Lincoln, and The Town and the TV series Game of Thrones.   If you enjoy Hans Zimmer, you will enjoy Zach… be prepared for the epic-ness Listen Here   …   and Wander ;P Read more →

Our Friend Corey

Will and I have this friend named Corey… and he’s creative… and in no way this kind of Corey Corey is a rather talented musician and I suggest you check out his Soundcloud and Facebook page as well.  Aside from Corey’s musical abilities he is an incredible artist.  Being the awesome friend he is, he will actually be developing some… Read more →

The Perfect First Line

There are so many perfect first liners that begin the classic stories. Here are ten that I think are worthy of sharing. Of course you are going to see plenty of lists compiled of fantastic opening lines in literature.  I share this link for one major reason.  There are three on this list where the opening line is only six words… Read more →

Busy Weekend Ahead

Hello Everyone, This weekend I will be spending all of my time to produce some writing samples for this coming writers conference in Gettysburg as well as some samples for the Deltland series.  I’ve received a lot of feedback regarding my short stories and there seems to be a lot of interest in Little Big.  I’ve decided to make an… Read more →

Gettysburg Writers Conference 2014

I will be attending the 8th annual Gettysburg Review writers conference this June 4th-9th.  For five days I will be in a workshop with other fiction writers discussing the pieces we submit prior to our arrival.  I have contemplated what would be the appropriate piece to submit within the allotted 20-25 page double spaced guidelines.  I have somewhat decided to… Read more →

Plan Out Your Day

A friend had sent me an article not too long ago that showed how creative people spent their day.  The article is fascinating.  It is even more interesting to notice how many writers took walks during the day and usually only wrote for a few hours.  It was said that no good writer should be done writing at the end of the day.  Leave yourself wanting to write more tomorrow.

I read another article that gave the methods famous writers utilized, such as taking the door knob off of their office door so no one would bother them. I will see if I can find that one again.




Music To Write To

Often it is hard finding the right music to write to.  Sometimes classical works or even movie soundtracks.  I find that instrumentals with soft lyrics or songs that simply invoke emotion for you are the best songs to play.  I listen to this kind of music because it covers everything.

As I explore my writing and the music I play along with it I’ll be certain to share with you all.  Maybe the next song I share will be the inspiration you need

…. join and wander