Cover Work in Progress

This summer, as the dust settles with my first publication “The Lost and the Loyal”, I will be planning my future “BIG” projects.  Below is some concept art for two stories I will be writing.  The story I will be starting this summer is the novel “Prospects of a Wandering Mind” and the corresponding cover is seen on the left.  The story is about a young man who studies in Florence, Italy and experiences a whirlwind of chaotic situations involving race, gender, sexuality, and depression. The second story I will be playing with but will most likely have to push off until next year is “Those We Knew in Summer” which is seen on the right.  It is a story based on the millennial generation’s struggle as a new kind of lost generation.  They question friendship, purpose, societal and family pressures, and how they all fit in to this “mold.” As those stories are underway, please keep and eye out for the small posts me and the IOM team put up as we sharpen our skills and play with ideas.

Concept art by Elvira DeRosa
Concept art by Elvira DeRosa
"Prospects of a Wandering Mind" art by Doug Stern
“Prospects of a Wandering Mind” art by Doug Stern

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