Doug Stern

Every thing exists within nothingness. Space. Our minds and all that we create comes from the void. When asked what inspires him, or where he is from, Douglas Stern easily explains this within his main alias, ‘The Dude Reppin’ Nowhere’. Through Buddhist Meditation, Yoga, and travel, Douglas has deeply tapped the void, and has established a balanced existence between teacher and student. Also referred to as Mr. Nowhere, Stern claims that a voice from another realm should often receive credit for his written words. With styles ranging from poetry to spiritual insights, his writing shares common themes of evolution, oneness, and a growing artist trying to find his way. A young hyperactive ADHD risk taker has positively transformed into an entrepreneur, rapper, and poet. Let yourself forget all that you know as you mentally (or physically) travel alongside The Dude Reppin’ Nowhere.


Check out Doug’s work on his page: The Dude Reppin’ Nowhere