Nick and Will in Lafayette College 2008
Nick and Will in Lafayette College 2008

In 2008, four men would begin their work separately not knowing if anything would become of their creative ambitions.  It was not until 2014 that two Lafayette College roommates, Nick DeRosa and Will Jauregui, would come up with an idea that would branch all forms of art.  The collaboration of both Will’s interests in music and production and Nick’s interests in fiction and poetry would culminate in the form of a 21st century Renaissance man revival known as The Industry of Mind.

The "First Four" meeting in 2015
The “First Four” meeting in 2015

In 2015, Nick and Will brought to their team Nick’s third grade friend Sean Latino to contribute his soulful poetry and music, and their other college friend Premraj Deoraj to contribute his artistic photography and sketches. Though the team has faced some challenging obstacles, their ideas continue to grow as they welcome more artists to join the IOM family.

The goal of this new industry is to provide artistic minds, in all facets of the creative world, an open forum to display their work and to obtain the feedback and viewer traffic they need to move forward in their career. It is our hope that our work can grow and improve along with others. In this new creative industry, of community and growth, we will show how creative minds still have a great impact on the world. We welcome you to join us in the hopes that one day you achieve your artistic goals.

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