Nathaniel Fisher

The IOM team and friends of Nate are overwhelmed with sadness after his passing in September 2016.  He was a brilliant guy and a tremendous friend and inspiration.  Below is his profile and you can view some of his incomplete works on his page at the bottom “The Nate Debate.” …. We will miss you brother. Wander in the skies until we join you again.

Nathaniel M. Fisher is a writer, essayist, and legal researcher who specializes in the directed study of Public Policy, International Relations, Foreign Affairs, Philosophy, and Supreme Court case law. Nathaniel studied Political Science at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island, and Paralegal Studies at RVCC in North Branch, NJ. His interests include chess, swimming, reading, running, and exercising. His favorite authors are Aldous Huxley, William Somerset Maugham, and Ken Follett.

Read all of Nate’s revelations and societal encounters on his page The Nate Debate