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My writing career has been greatly influenced by my experiences as a student at Lafayette College and has developed in the years after my graduation. The majority of my writing as a student focused on law, international affairs and political theory and was almost entirely from an analytical perspective. I focused most of my work on understanding specific paradigms and schools of political thought and their relations to world events. Aside from your normal writing assignments my most extensive piece of work was my independent study. My independent study focused on grassroots revolutions and their effects on governments using the case study of the Arab Spring. Those six months taught me what it was like to truly devote every waking moment to writing and defending something I was deeply invested in.

However it was in my Modern Political Thought class that I realized I wanted to become a fiction writer. After reading and debating Herman Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener I saw how literature and philosophy met historical and political relevance. I wanted to write pieces with historical significance and political undertones through the eyes of people who were emotionally enveloped in the situation.

When I graduated I dived into a story I had wanted to write for a while. The World War Two era historical fiction titled “The Lost and the Loyal” is my first real attempt at completing a fictional piece.   The setting of the story is 1943 Naples during the days preceding the Italian surrender and subsequent civilian uprising known as The Four Days of Naples. The novella is inspired by first-hand accounts from my family who lived during the 1943 events as well as my time I spent studying in Italy.

I continue to write short stories, flash fiction, and poetry on a daily basis. These works are compiled in the collection known as “The Truths We Lie About” with each segment progressing in its own way.  My most important piece that I am working on, and will essentially become the sole project of my career, is the story titled Deltland.

I hope you enjoy, and I welcome you to wander with me

Completed Works

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The Lost and the Loyal

A family, living in the rural hills of Naples, is subjected to the German siege during the final years of the Italian Campaign of World War Two. Overcoming starvation, poverty, and disease is the least of their worries. The German occupiers grow more violent and inflict strict laws on the populous as the Allies make their way to the port of Naples. This book is an account of the final days leading up to the infamous Four Days of Naples and the families struggle to survive the German reign and Allied invasion.

On Going

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