The Complete Collection

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Those We Knew in Summer (A Novel)

Prospects of a Wandering Mind (A Novel)

The Truths We Lie About (Collection of Short Stories)

  1. Only God Will Judge
  2. The Clockmaker’s Curse
  3. Red Waters for Dirty Gold
  4. The Freedom Fields
  5. The Forgotten Furnace
  6. Omerta
  7. Agatha Blanc
  8. For What It’s Worth
  9. Three of Me and Me
  10. Il Porcellino
  11. Mayhem
  12. Little Big
  13. Book of Freedom
  14. Torrent of Love for a Young Man
  15. The Sheep of Serapis
  16. Peramino’s Room

Deltland (An Epic)

  1. The Five of Almora
  2. The Awakening of Man
  3. The Seeds of Spring
  4. The Final Courtsman

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