Free Write: Love and Coffee

A random free write I did just this morning.  Nothing special. Enjoy. ~ ATD


She smiled, and I was alive. Around a small mosaic covered table we sat drinking our morning coffees before class. With a book in her hand she read not for today’s class but for her own pleasure.

“It’s that perfect kind of morning no?” she commented as she placed her book on her lap and took a deep breath of the air

Looking at her and then towards the open spring sky, “Yes, cool but warm.”

“And the air smells antique.”

I chuckled, “I suppose you are right.” I put my coffee to my lips, never turning my stare away from her. I watched her as she would read and then look up as if she was either thinking about what she just read or possibly thinking about the world itself. I never really knew, but I truly wanted to know.

“You seem to wander off, even while you read.”

“Oh yes,” she brushed her windblown hair from her face, “I love to day dream.”

“What is it you dream of?”

“School, art, music, and you of course.”

Choking on my sip of coffee, “I’m sorry?”

“You are no different than I. You have no book in your hand yet you look out around you as if you are reading the world. You watch people and I can see how interested you are in their lives. I’m curious as to what you think of when you look around, and when you look at me.”

Embarrassed and blushing uncontrollably, “We are too much alike.” I did not want to answer her question entirely. The friendship we had was very close and almost too perfect. If I told her how much I loved her I wouldn’t know what would come next. Uncertainty frightened me, and she was a free spirit who may not want the burden of my love.

“Today is just a lecture correct?”

“Yes I believe so.”

“Are you pretty comfortable with what we had to read for class today?”

“I would say so,” I replied with some hesitation. She was plotting. I knew her too well. She casually placed her book in her bag and took one final sip from her cup of coffee.

“Come, let’s spend the day together. There’s a museum I have not yet explored. Would you be interested?”

Without seeming overzealous I calmly placed my cup on the saucer, jostling it just slightly, “Of course.”

As we walked away from the outdoor café adjacent to our lecture hall, she reached for my hand. I subconsciously, and without hesitation, met her hand with mine. We did not look at each other. We just looked forward as if nothing had changed.

That day we would go to the museum, and then the rest of the day we’d talk. Unbeknownst to me, that day would be the day that that uncertainty I had about our future would dissipate, and we would begin to day dream together.

Her smile was for me, and mine for her, forever

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