I am a Worthless Flower

I am a worthless flower

I smoke cigars in the silver time

And drink bourbon scotch whiskey

In remembrance of death and

My best friend’s Opa and Mimi

And they are together in death

Floating forever in the silver time


And I am a worthless flower

Blossoming as the first star peeks out from the sky

Mud and snow reflection

Smoke singing and gold drink strumming

In the silver time

Sharing thoughts and memories


I am a worthless flower

Among zillions of other flowers

Blossoming and shining and reaching for sun

And resting and thinking about their lives

In the silver time


I am a worthless flower

And that’s all I’ll ever be

And that is quite alright by me

So long as I can sneak up in the beginning of spring

And smoke and sip and talk

With friends

And remember death

And accept life

And ponder impossible reality and

The nothing special specialties of Buddhist secret sighs


And I am a worthless flower

Who bends toward freedom

Who blossoms loudly in the morning

And settles back to the earth when the

Silver time comes ringing clouds and playing stars


Yes, I am a worthless flower

And so are you

And you and you and you

Together we are a pitiful garden

And that is something sweet

To be a worthless flower inside an angel’s garden

Exchanging dreams in the silver time

Betwixt day and night at the start of the spring

With the snow light humming soft and mud whistling form tree trunks

And we are worthless flowers

And I love you.

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