More Attempts at Writing

I don’t consider myself much of a writer but every so often, I do get that writer’s itch and it makes me want to give it a try. Below is something that I wrote one night as I was attempting to go to sleep. Give it a read over and let me know what you guys think. Comments and criticism are always welcomed.


Side Note: I Just wanted to add a little something about the picture that I chose to accompany this post. This picture is a Photoshop edit of a stone relief that I took a picture of at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years back. I became fascinated with colorizing pictures after I restored a picture of my maternal grandmother and decided to give it a try on this. It’s one of my favorite edits I have ever done on a photograph.


She Whispers in my Ear


In the silence of my mind I hear her whisper in my ear.

“Join me.” she says as she attempts to embrace me and wrap me in her arms.

As I begin to surrender to her embrace, my world pulls me out of my own mind.

I find myself surrounded by people and their laughter, happiness, and joy pierce the darkness of my mind.

For a brief moment her whispers are silenced.

I live.

I laugh.

I love.

As time goes by, life begins to fade once more.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I hear her whispers.

“Join me in my world and become a part of me” she says as she attempts to embrace me and wrap me in her arms.

I try to resist her embrace and fight to deny her yearnings but the fight is weak.

I feel myself losing to her embrace.

I fight and I resist until she is silenced once more.

Life continues forward but the happiness begins to dwindle, the laughs are short lived, and life becomes a struggle.

The urge to fight is no longer an urge but a mere push towards survival.

Sitting in a solitude of my own creation she returns to me.

I see her as she stands before me, arms wide open, and a gentle smile upon her face.

In a soothing voice she says to me “Join me now and come into my world. A world with no struggle, no pain, and no sadness.”

She leans in closer and embraces me fully in her arms.

I feel the cold begin to envelop my body and she whispers in my ear “Become a part of me.”

The warmth of my body departs as the cold of her embrace settles.

The sparks of my mind begin to dim as she holds me tighter and tighter as her grip becomes stronger and stronger.

I fade further and further into a darkness of my own creation where her words are proven true.

I look at the gentle smile on her face and fully embrace all that she promised.

No more struggles.

No more pain.

No more sadness.

I’ve become a part of her.

I’ve become a part of the nothing.

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