Observations in the Tea Shop and Orange Sunshine

The couple sitting by the window

Has devices that

Connect them

They are clean

Mechanical in movement and tone and dress

They are talking about reservations

Something about them appears inauthentic

Something about him is entitled and brainwashed

Something about her is

Mean and robotic

Tablets and phones and I think they are afraid to make eye contact

For fear of believing in humanity and themselves

Could be that they’re afraid they’ll realize they don’t love each other

Altho, who am I, The Poor Nameless Writer of Clinton

Stealing hours in a tea shop

To make inferences and guesses about their souls

It just seems to me that the organic fun


And sin

Is missing from their lives

Perhaps I’ll dose them with Orange Sunshine

Sneak a droplet in their tea

And really give them something to live for and talk about,

She holds up the screen to him, multiple times

Right in his face

Maybe furniture they’re picking out

He says “okay cool, really cool” “oh that’s nice”

She’s proud to show him the screen and whatever it is that is on it

Then eyes divert, avoiding one another

He stands up

“what the fuck,”

He’s mad because some children left the door open behind them

Well- this I’m guessing is their life

And I’m in mine

And we share the earth

Now they’re laughing with a younger couple

A sweet exchange, an offhanded observation from a car gang kid whose black members only

Jacket reads “Livin fast, Dyin Last”, he’s got his little blond chick dressed in shades

And black

He’s got shades and a hat on, black

And I share the earth with them too

And we share the earth with everyone

So I guess I shouldn’t go around passing theories on who they are and what they’re about

But I’m thinking, from my observation

That I’m right

They could all use

A little

Orange sunshine

And I’m guessin

You could


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