Official Book Release – The Lost and the Loyal

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Four years ago I spent the summer writing a story with no experience in writing fiction and just pure emotion fueling my ambitions. I shelfed this story numerous times over two years until finally, I brought it to The Gettysburg Review where the brilliant minds of John Mauk, Lee K Abbott, and many others gave me inspirational advice, edits, tips, and ultimately lighting the fire once again. Two more years of edits and shelfing, not knowing if it would ever work, my good friend and writing partner Sean Latino pushed me to finish the story. He listened to my complaints, walked me through doubts and concerns, and if it weren’t for him I would have never finished this story and been able to move forward. The story I wrote four years ago is different than what it is today, but for the better. I would like to think I am the same as well. This book is based on historical events and family stories, and it certainly took a family effort to complete.


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