The Return to the Roots

Finally I have been given ample time to return to the craft of writing fiction.  However, having been detached from it for so long I will be beginning from square one.  I am reading John Gardner’s the Art of Fiction again and outlining it in full.  This is the Bible for all fiction writers.  All of my technical writing will come from Gardner’s exercises and various other exercises I have been taught in order to shape my abilities.  With Gardner, Bradbury, Leeman, and of course my workshop leader Abbott, I will have a solid foundation in technique as well as all the other nuances of the craft.  I’ve decided Deltland must be put on hold and my shorts should take precedent.  This will allow me to practice with shorter works in order to proper enhance my skills and gain experience with varying styles.  Deltland will be my David, my Mona Lisa, etc.  That being said, what I practice with will be shared on the website and Facebook.  So comment on how you feel I’m coming along.


Much to do


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