“Strange and Absurd”

Writing on the wall
Dead roses old apples and ants
Broken mirrors and a tipsy papasan chair
With unsanitary beanbag and seeker man
Getting what he asked for
Finally in the strangest way
For it is the unintended outcome of Strange
Which is brilliance between patterns and rules
Getting ripe since avoided by most
Absurd is Strange’s wicked uncle
Who paved a rebellion through predicted order
And made fame for undeserving freaks
It is freeform shapes that bend and knead our minds
And random occurrance suspend us in why
Like why I overpaid for this mindfuck room in the Oakland ghetto
So IĀ could write this poem,
Enter and exist in precious states
Seen by wise eyes in unpopulated levels,
And be free with answers that haven’t yet come.

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