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The Singing Gypsy and Her Lover The Poor Poet

Exhausted resilience The singing gypsy vibrates the universe and shatters its steel shackles And steals oxygen from galaxies and returns to the Milky Way to share Deep breaths Trying to communicate with an apparition A spirit ever evolving and immaterial and immortal The gypsy continues her caterwaul sweet angel’s plea, the death wish and life promise She keeps both in… Read more →

The Law of Parsimony

Can’t stop I can’t stop The road is the demon deity force Verily said Zarathustra As he ran from civilization disease Like the fungus spores that take over the mind of the insects Civilization is numbing Zombies alive Steered by the invisible pop spores, dissipating into the water from the Chem trails etched in the sky Gathering at the base… Read more →