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In Response to the Huff Post’s Ice Cream Addict Robot Writer’s Article about Hopeless Love:

Arthur Seany, Death freak, radio dial space cadet, depressed. Cut the introductions with kitschy epitaphs Fuck you Ms. Wilkinson, ice cream addict, writer, And your biggest flaw, Klutz, And fuck your article about us and what we want And relationships And fuck this hopeless wallow in materialistic Plastic beaches Let me share something with you And your vapid discourse on… Read more →

The Library of Babel’s Crystal Ball Equation Word Algorithm

From the Library of Babel- it knows what I say and already has said it and I said “how could this already be written. is god real” And on the page on the volume on the shelf where my words hide, also is Theologian, and normaloologist, and bloodmobile, bipolarizing, bluegum, backlisthydropathist, trailer, mudder, hellbroth, nonconceptual, Confusing Is the last word… Read more →

A kid in School- An Astronaut Magician on the Weekends, but what do you care

6/1/16 I remember when the teacher would Ask us what we were doing this weekend Each kid, sitting at their desk in rows and columns At the end of the day on Friday And I could’ve been going to Disneyland, the shore with my grandparents, a family barbeque, a friend’s roller-rink b-day party, an all night sleepover, an amusement park,… Read more →