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In Response to the Huff Post’s Ice Cream Addict Robot Writer’s Article about Hopeless Love:

Arthur Seany, Death freak, radio dial space cadet, depressed. Cut the introductions with kitschy epitaphs Fuck you Ms. Wilkinson, ice cream addict, writer, And your biggest flaw, Klutz, And fuck your article about us and what we want And relationships And fuck this hopeless wallow in materialistic Plastic beaches Let me share something with you And your vapid discourse on… Read more →

Sing the Body Electric- We’re all 1

Walt Whitman…cool video and amazing poem, given recent news happenings about dividing and categorizing people, to remind us WE ARE THE SAME electrical bodies existing and magnetizing together, spread love and brotherhood and sisterhood no matter what color coded category society says your’e in- “I Sing the Body Electric”…..join and wander https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4fdFYIFPxY Read more →