The American Young Men

Lots of laughing

The night

Is wacked with silly dumb voices

Young men

In the Tortilla Flat reincarnation

Hiking and exploring and being children

Laughing nonsense

Drinking death

Smoking gloom

Its fun

I don’t take life too seriously

Cuz it’s so serious that it’s not serious

Its zen to be gone

And giggling

Into tomorrow’s arms

Running from the today

Hiding and seeking the present timeslipping nowness

The Chester House full of royal reject rebel jesters

Bearing knives and sharp skulls and golden tipped spears

I don’t take life too seriously these days

Days are nights smiled in sun

And nights are days grinning in shadow

The boys are hunters and skilled hounds

We laugh

Cuz laughing’s what you do when you’re aware

Illusion dissolved and trippy minded

The wise fool

The wise man

The wise ghost

The laughing young men

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