The Singing Gypsy and Her Lover The Poor Poet

Exhausted resilience

The singing gypsy vibrates the universe and shatters its steel shackles

And steals oxygen from galaxies and returns to the Milky Way to share

Deep breaths

Trying to communicate with an apparition

A spirit ever evolving and immaterial and immortal

The gypsy continues her caterwaul sweet angel’s plea, the death wish and life promise

She keeps both in her back pocket

Letting them have water and air and sun when she feels so inclined

The words aren’t coming today

And last night’s sleep made a short nervous visit

Knocking on the door

That’s shut

She’s begging for alms and peace tributes

The gypsy ranges and ambles revolution

Turning the sun on its head and the moon upside

Clocks spinning backwards and calendars in reverse

The lover in reverse

The disharmony marked by the song’s elixir melody

But words fall and tears hide inside

And the burn stings so pour whiskey and nod

To the singing gypsy

And forget about those damn words

For once


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